Bonnie Frankl Interior Designs - Bonnie D Frankl, Allied ASID

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Bonnie Frankl Interior Designs - Bonnie D Frankl, Allied ASID
Lake Success NY
United States
(516) 829-2656

I have been an Interior Designer for two decades. I have not only worked in the industry, but I also spent 14 years teaching the art of Interior Design at a local college. As a junior in college I spent a semester abroad in Grenoble, France and thus began my love affair with design and architecture. I have traveled extensively throughout the world visiting every ruin, landmark, building, church and museum that I could and studied the modern architecture and designs that have evolved from these classic forms. Good design, whether traditional, modern, contemporary or eclectic, shares the principles of balance, proportion, color and contrast and I incorporate them in every project I undertake. My love of color, fine textiles, architectural elements and classical design allows me to incorporate touches of historical elements and thereby combine period pieces with a modern aesthetic, creating a timeless and easygoing elegance that functions in today's world. I strive to create a sophisticated living space that speaks to who you are and complements how you live. From start to finish, every aspect of my design from the furniture to fabric selection and finishing touches is customized to achieve that goal. If you are looking for an experienced Interior Designer that can transform your home, Bonnie Frankl Interior Designs is the right fit.

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