DWELL44 - Kristin Rackner, Allied ASID

ASID Partner

DWELL44 - Kristin Rackner, Allied ASID
St Louis Park MN
United States
(612) 425-4444

We strive to support clients with a rich, yet uncomplicated experience at any stage of the design and building process. By assisting you in outfitting spaces with thoughtfully sourced materials, products and furnishings. As designers and a supplier, we procure differentiated products and services to help achieve your project aspirations. DWELL44 is the superior dealer of interior and exterior products. Experience the quality of our thoughtfully sourced product lines in our fully-functioning showroom. We encourage you to open the window, turn on the faucet and sit on the sofa. Our expertise and dedication to staying current in our ever-evolving field allows us to best assist our industry professional in all stages of their project. Welcome to DWELL44; your new one-stop-shop.

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