Eberlein Design Consultants - Barbara Eberlein, ASID

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Eberlein Design Consultants - Barbara Eberlein, ASID
Philadelphia PA
United States
(215) 790-0300

Exuberance, refinement, sophistication, expression - Barbara Eberlein has dedicated her career to these characteristics so essential to the creation of fine interiors. Her firm produces a broad range of exceptional projects that reflect the aesthetic goals of diverse clients with meticulous attention to materials and details. Barbara founded the firm in 1984 and is responsible for design direction and master planning. An influential voice in the region's dynamic design community, she orchestrates the efforts of her professional staff, creating memorable environments in a wide range of aesthetic styles. The firm enjoys a national reputation for expertise in the restoration of significant historic structures of the 19th and early 20th centuries that capture the grace and beauty of the past. The firm's work has been published extensively in trade and consumer press and Barbara has received numerous awards for design excellence from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) including their Designer of Distinction award. Educated in the classics, history and art, and being an inveterate traveler constantly absorbing the aesthetic richness of the world, Barbara brings a wealth of knowledge to her lifelong passion for interior design. She is a sought-after lecturer on classical architecture and design and holds leadership roles in prominent organizations devoted to arts and culture. Barbara's fondest accolades come from clients who say there's no place like home, and that makes Barbara Eberlein honored to do what she does.

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