Frog Hill Designs LLC - Betsy Barmat Stires, Associate ASID

ASID Partner

Frog Hill Designs LLC - Betsy Barmat Stires, Associate ASID
Alexandria VA
United States
(703) 597-3385

Betsy has been working as Residential Interior Designer for close to 30 years. She works to achieve a beautiful spaces through a collaborative experience as she helps her clients reach their individual design goals. Her projects are big and small. Often she works by the hour as a professional design consultant as well as using a fixed fee approach. Betsy is very comfortable working on interior or exterior elements of her clients' homes. She has just completed her second hospitality project at a boutique hotel in Maine in 2021. Besides her keen aesthetic judgment; she is also very capable in the role of General Contractor or working with her client's contractors. Betsy favors classic design styles and delivers timeless rooms built for comfort and beauty.

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