Updates to Product Pages
We have updated most of catalog to be easier to use than ever!

Over the last year we have been hard at work modernizing our product listings with updated data and features to make finding and buying the right light easier on brandlighting.com

This month we are proud to let you know we have migrated 75% of our product catalog and you can now find the new features on most product pages.

Some product page updates we have made include:

  • A major update has been the introduction of “Product page selectors”. Now you can find all the options for a product on the drop downs. Previously all skus were listed separately in our catalog. This change makes finding and buying your fixture easier than ever!

  • New “Related Item” section on product pages shows you the related product items such as power supplies, required housings, addons and other items related to the sku you are viewing. This update especially makes buying recessed and track lighting easier than ever!

  • Addition of “Downloads” section now includes PDF specification sheets from the manufacturer as well as supplemental brochures and installation instructions. Find the right light faster with improved product data in the manufacturer specfication sheets.

We hope these changes will make it easier and more enjoyable to find the right light on Brandlighting.com Check back monthly for the latest updates to our online stores, blogs and more!

Are we missing a feature you could use? Let us know by commenting below!

Updates to Product Pages
Brand Lighting, Joshua Berkowitz 22 September, 2022
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