Maxim Lighting Recognized by D.R. Horton
Maxim brings designer lighting to luxury homes around the U.S.A

In the latest D.R. Horton vendor show, Maxim Lighting demonstrated itself to be a leading force in the builder community. With over 4 decades of design and manufacturing experience, Maxim has proven to be a leading in the lighting industry.

With a consistent track record of efficiency, adaptability and unwavering reliability, there is no wonder why D.R. Horton, America’s largest builder, has announced Maxim as their Manufacturer of the Year. 

While the building industry as a whole has struggled with receiving supplies on time, Maxim has not only endured these obstacles, but thrived despite them, ensuring all distributors have plentiful supplies without delay. 

Of the relationship with D.R. Horton, Maxim’s Builder Division Director of Sales, Daniel Roizman, has said: “Maxim’s longstanding relationship with D.R. Horton extends from its leadership team all the way to each and every division purchasing manager. Everyone here at Maxim understands that performance and consistency are key to maintaining this partnership, we will never take it for granted.”

Maxim Lighting provides modern and transitional decorative ceiling and wall lights for indoors and out. At Maxim Lighting, they have been refining and redefining cutting-edge lighting trends for more than 45 years With over 4,000 distinct and noteworthy designs to their credit, Maxim offers the finishing touches you've been looking for in lighting, from traditional to contemporary.

At Brand Lighting we carry the Maxim family of lighting including the contemporary design favorite, ET2 Lighting. Designers can benefit from Maxim's leading inventory management even during supply chain crunches as we have seen during the COVID crisis. Ask your sales representative about using Maxim in your new home or remodel.

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Maxim Lighting Recognized by D.R. Horton
Brand Lighting, Joshua Berkowitz 15 October, 2022
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