Signify's UV-C Light Sales Slump
With the pandemic waning, disinfection solutions are becoming obsolete

Signify launched 12 kinds of UV-C lighting devices in 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus from surfaces, air, and objects. At a certain dosage, UV-C has been shown to render the virus inactive.

Signify UV-C Lighting

However, there were hints that sales were sluggish in the two years that followed. The company has deemed surface-oriented disinfection solutions "obsolete" according to Signify CEO Eric Rondolat, who made this statement during a teleconference with investors about the company's second-quarter financial results in early August.

Later, it was revealed that COVID-19 spreads predominantly through air rather than through surfaces, and the obsolescence was accounted for as a write-off reflecting low demand for the surface items. However, Signify made it clear at the time that it was keeping the surface items in production. 

Signify UV-C Lighting

Considering how prominent it had been only three months previously, Rondolat omitted any mention of how well or poorly the surface disinfection solutions are selling on Signify's third-quarter results call two weeks ago.  

Additionally, it appears that enthusiasm for the line—whether it be air, surface, or object disinfection—may be waning.

Signify UV-C Lighting

According to a spokesman, "Demand for air disinfection solutions has also decreased as the pandemic impact has diminished in many geographies."

Although Signify has had some major deployments of UV-C fixtures since 2020, such at a London rugby stadium and an Edeka Clausen supermarket in Hamburg, Germany, it appears that the goods it positioned to play a significant part in easing the COVID health issue are on the decline.

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Signify's UV-C Light Sales Slump
Brand Lighting, Joshua Berkowitz 29 November, 2022
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