Satco Starfish Smart Security Camera
Secure your property with advanced smart security cameras from Satco

We are among the first to introduce the all new Satco Starfish Security camera. Designed for the modern connected home, the NU1743 Smart LED Floodlight Camera provides enhanced property monitoring from the convenience of the Starfish App.

The all new wall mount security camera and LED lighting system is easy to install in a new location or retro-fit an existing light. The 2.4Ghz WiFi connection means you don't need any kind of hub or other connected devices. Simply connect to your WiFi and the Starfish app to get up and running!

Satco Starfish smart security camera

Starfish Smart LED Security Floodlight Camera HD, Audio & Night Vision - NU1743|126

Starfish Smart LED Security Floodlight Camera HD, Audio & Night Vision - NU1743|126

  • NU1743|126
  • MSRP: $0
  • Price: $1

Satco Starfish smart security camera

Why Should you use smart security cameras?

Security cameras and flood lights offer property protection as well as increased safety by illuminating dark paths and corners. With perimeter security cameras you can easily see when persons and/or animals are on your property and with advanced motion detection, night vision and video records you can rest assured you are secure. 

Smart security systems allow you to keep an eye on loved ones as well. Setup your system around your backyard playground to keep tabs on your children and guests. With the 2 way talk feature on Satco Security cameras you can easily communicate with guests and notify intruders!

What sets the Satco Security Camera apart from the competition?

Satco is an industry leading brand in residential and commercial lighting. With the introduction of the Starfish line, Satco has become a leading manufacturer of residential smart lighting solutions as well. 

The Starfish line connects securely through the patented Satco Starfish app allowing you granular control of your home's illumination and perimeter security. 

Satco Starfish Connected Home

From workspace to welcome area, the most versatile room in the house is easily enhanced with STARFISH™. Use voice activation to brighten your STARFISH™ downlights when your hands are busy at work in the kitchen or add RGB flood lights to change your existing recessed fixtures to a dining setting. Tape lights add additional layers of light undercounter or above adding the illusion of open space in tight areas.

Once you purchase a STARFISH™ product all that you need to get started is your existing Wi-Fi router, and a mobile device, everything else you need to get going is already in there – STARFISH™ is SMART!

Inside of every STARFISH™ light and light fixture is a Wi-Fi enable chip that is securely connected to a TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud platform to ensure the highest level of security and privacy protection to include anonymous sign-in and encrypted connection.


Satco Starfish Smart Security Camera
Brand Lighting, Joshua Berkowitz 7 October, 2022
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