Slamp Hugo
A novel linear lighting system for commercial and residential design

The Slamp Hugo linear lighting system and coordinating fixtures provide designers with a unique lighting solution for modern spaces. Fixtures within the series have been recognized by industry leading awards such as Red Dot Product Design Award and are easy to order online or off at Brand Lighting.

The Hugo collection features a linear and horizontal ceiling light, a floor lamp and an architectural lighting system that allows for chaining up to 7 linear elements. The integrated LED is softened and liquified by Slamp’s unique, prismatic Lentiflex® material. If you have never seen Lentiflex® , you can stop by our showroom to see this exclusive material by Slamp Lighting.

SLAMP Hugo Architectural Lighting System - HUGSSS|103

SLAMP Hugo Architectural Lighting System - HUGSSS|103

  • HUGSSS|103
  • MSRP: $0
  • Price: $1

You can combine the vertical, horizontal, floor and ceiling fixtures to create a cohesive modern space with ample illumination for your home or office. In fact the lighting system respects the UNI EN 12464-1:2011 standard for office illumination (500 lx, U0 greater than 0.6, UGR less than 19)

Designers have been using the Slamp Hugo lighting system to create memorable office spaces , hotel entrances, condo lobbies, executive offices and personal residences. Find inspiration with some of the installations of the Hugo Lighting fixtures below. 

The fixture shown above illustrates the how the Hugo architectural system can be used within a modern office environment to provide tasteful illumination without being distracting.

The Hugo linear ceiling light fixture can be combined to create dramatic statement pieces such as in this European office lobby. 

The conference room above is easily updated with the addition of the Hugo Architectural Lighting system. The linking of 4 Hugo modules allows the fixture to provide consistent illumination for large conference tables. 

At home, designers have been coordinating the floor and ceiling fixtures to quickly illuminate dining rooms, home offices, living rooms and entrances. Let your imagination run wild to create special lighting for your spaces. 

If you are interested in the Slamp Hugo lighting fixtures and would like to learn more about the options available for your project, contact your sales representative today at (888) 991-3610.

Slamp Hugo
Brand Lighting, Joshua Berkowitz 21 October, 2022
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