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RSS — which stands for "Really Simple Syndication" — is a protocol that provides a standard method for websites to publish updates that anyone can see by displaying them in a program or website called an RSS reader. Learn more  



Send a GET request to return the last 10 posts in across all blogs. Use this endpoint to get the latest posts from all public blogs. Member/private posts can not be accessed at this time.

    "author_name":"Brand Lighting, Joshua Berkowitz",
    "blog_id":[3,"What's New"],
    "cover_properties":"{\"background-image\":\"url(/web/image/10232-84d535cc/poldina-peanuts-group.jpg)\",\"background_color_class\":\"o_cc3 o_cc\",\"background_color_style\":\"\",\"opacity\":\"0.6\",\"resize_class\":\"o_full_screen_height o_record_has_cover\",\"text_align_class\":\"\"}",
    "display_name":"Peanuts Table Lamps",
    "published_date":"2022-12-02 14:29:27",
    "subtitle":"Charlie Brown and Friends Fun from Zafferano Lighting",
    "teaser":"Introducing the Charlie Brown Peanuts table lamps from Zafferano Lighting. These fun cordless LED table lamps are a great way to add a splash of fun to your space! The Zafferano Poldina X Peanuts Rech...",

"author_name": String: Comma separated name of the company and author,

"blog_id": Array: Blog id number and blog/channel name in that order,

"cover_properties": Object: You can parse the json to get cover image path, prepend "" to get the FQDN for the image. All images on these paths are public.

"display_name": String: Name of the article

"id":53, Int: ID number of the article in our system, useful in the future to retrieve post

"published_date": Date: Timestamp of when the article was published

"subtitle": String: the subtitle of the article

"teaser": String: Long string summary of the article

"website_url": String: Relative path to article; prepend "" to get FQDN for article

Currently there are no limits on GET requests to our API. This may change in the near future so please check back regularly.

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