"Giveaway Gil" Veteran's Day Sale

Get a FREE GIFT with purchase while supplies last, and, bring a friend.... as Gil always said, "A friend of yours, is a friend of mine!"

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Come and Celebrate Our Veteran's this November 

Join us in our Hallandale Beach Showroom for snacks and savings during our first "Give Away" Gil / Veteran's Day Sale.

Save BIG on showroom items and new in-store orders. Get a FREE GIFT with purchase while supplies last, and, bring a friend...as Gil always said, "A friend of yours, is a friend of mine!"

Our showroom is conveniently located facing I-95 and Hallandale Beach Blvd

Find directions to our showroom below or call (888) 991-3610

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My father, Gilbert Theodore Blum would be 100 years old on November 2nd of this year, and as this date closely coincides with Veterans Day, we honor his memory, as well as all U.S servicemen who selflessly and heroically served our country. Gil volunteered for the US Army in 1942, and was shipped out to fight in North Africa. While there, he volunteered again, and joined the First Ranger Battalion under the famous Colonel Darby (Darby's Rangers). He participated in the liberation of Sicily, which became the springboard for the invasion of Italy.

Soon thereafter, Gil’s battalion was tasked with a commando operation in the opening of the Italian campaign at Anzio. Behind enemy lines, the Rangers were badly outnumbered and, as a result, most of his battalion was decimated, except for the very few who had no choice but to surrender.


Gil was taken as a prisoner of war and brought to Germany; first to Stalag 7A, and shortly thereafter, to Stalag 2B, which was considered the worst of all the German prison camps. For months, his family in Brooklyn had no idea if he was dead or alive. In the winter of 1945, with the Russian advance from the east, the Germans forced the prisoners of war on a death march away from the Russians. Many American POWs unfortunately didn't make it through this, but my father survived, and made his way home to be reunited with his family.

From POW to Family Hero

Gil’s early years after the war were in the electrical contracting business with his brother, Irving. Later he was very proud to own a steak house in New York, a realization of his dreams while emaciated and incarcerated in Germany. He later brought his family to Florida, and returned to his roots in the electrical business. Years later, Gil became my business partner helping with his sage advice and his experience. This is where I got to know my father best, and where he affectionately acquired the nickname from many of his customers as "Give-Away-Gil''. 

My father always strove to satisfy our customers with personal service and pricing which earned him his good name. 

Most importantly, his word was his bond, and we are proud to honor him and all the US servicemen, past and present.

Date & Time
November 2, 2022
Start - 6:00 AM
November 11, 2022
End - 12:00 AM America/New_York

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2930 SW 30th Ave
Suite C
Hallandale Beach FL 33009
United States
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